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Nov. 8th, 2014


Milestone: One month

 photo 714df146-c548-4484-ac1f-2b13e8bf0a8d_zps15b86735-1.jpg

 photo d687df8d-8287-4f85-ae95-4715c98bb016_zps90482edd-1.jpg

Milestone: 1st Birthday

From totally unsure to utter delight.

 photo 1c4df47a-2211-456e-b831-d32b08c86ee0_zps28cdddca.jpg

 photo 8e307b32-043b-4a3a-bffb-edeb272dcc21_zps261c4106.jpg

 photo 9c6f18ab-91db-4161-bad9-b155fc57b4c4_zpsff0cf33b.jpg

 photo 3fb84322-98aa-45c5-be7e-e60d972e8757_zps13275229.jpg

Oct. 6th, 2014


New grandbaby

Just moments after birth:

 photo 3205f555-11e7-402b-8bb1-18a0316f50ee_zps27af7cf9.jpg

18 hours later:

 photo b38313d7-1175-4f09-b187-5dd88071b2f8_zps837d8441.jpg

48 hours later:

 photo ff1497a9-55ef-4eac-832a-40600bc67719_zpsb2d6d452.jpg

He has very long fingers and toes:

 photo 4e6ba310-6b22-42a5-b8bd-e4daac602785_zpsd9056630.jpg

May. 28th, 2014


quilt progress

The 8 units are all completed and joined!

 photo 03b0358c-c546-451d-8326-ce12204fbf10_zps2a413936.jpg

Apr. 18th, 2014



 photo 9d376ebb-b340-40e3-947f-9de1807e4646_zpsa48fea30.jpg

"Why, yes, I quite like being up as high as possible. You have a problem with that?"

Apr. 17th, 2014


Jewel quilt

All the blocks for the Jewel quilt are done. Next step - apply the sashing, posts, and borders. I'm still assembling the Mariner's Compass quilt, but since each of those pieces looks exactly the same there isn't much point posting a photo until I have all 8 done and joined.

 photo af0889b7-4b5e-4383-91ce-92522e901598_zps85db6fed.jpg

Apr. 10th, 2014


Spring time flowers

 photo ccf1afe1-85e5-41f7-a930-7d0ddb14e6e9_zps18b18b37-1.jpg

Mar. 31st, 2014


Our Lord's Candle

We've had this variety of cactus (part of the Yucca family) in the yard for almost four years, and it finally decided it was time to bloom. Over night, the stalk came out:

 photo 2dd83c14-0a21-460d-8bcb-59331bacb829_zps123c80c0.jpg

Three days later the stalk was about six feet tall, and blooming:

 photo P1010809_zpsf7c581e1.jpg

This week the stalk is close to seven feet tall, and the lower two thirds of the blooms are open:

 photo P1010832_zps41aac9aa.jpg

Close up of the blooms:

 photo P1010830_zps8da54ff4.jpg

Mar. 26th, 2014


The grandkids came to play today...

...and great fun was had by all!

 photo 55a4d983-2034-456d-afe1-cb59f4ec1d0f_zps055e3234.jpg

 photo 6c77bed7-b97a-46ee-93ed-4757eb7e2ae8_zps6ae1f772.jpg

 photo 1f752c48-823f-4816-8c7b-36d0147b8481_zpsdbcc690b.jpg

The piano is a huge attraction. The older one likes it when I play along with him. He just might be a musician in the making.

Quilt progress

All of the pieces are made and the units are being constructed! This is the first one, and there are 8 of them, forming a complete circle. It will be awhile before I'm done with this. It took me all day to put these 19 pieces together into one unit.

 photo 534a87ae-9f2a-450e-9d37-ca19747dd730_zps8579eab3.jpg

I also made a couple placemats:

 photo dd660406-69e2-4994-863f-af11376db1c4_zps1d0806f8.jpg

Saw this pattern in a catalogue, but thought $10.00 was way too much to pay for it. So I used templates I already had, scraps of fabric from a couple other projects, and made them just fine! I'm going to make some in blues and greens for my table (eventually) but I'm going to make them slightly larger. These are based on a 4 inch square, but I'm going to use a 5 inch square.

Mar. 8th, 2014


Variety being the spice of life....

...I have started a new quilt:

 photo d5519f2d-6cab-4127-b6b1-8495dd4619db_zps9607fe6d.jpg

I am on the last set of pieces that I have to make before I start joining sections on the Mariner's Compass quilt, so I'll soon have photos of that one to post, too.

Feb. 1st, 2014


Before dawn

 photo 0a1a7d21-f7f5-4319-a61d-65daf62c8425_zps572c49de.jpg

Jan. 28th, 2014


Quilt progress

This is what I love about piecing quilts:

 photo 1a939a69-6453-4f99-a23b-c25735061bfc_zps6b0364fd.jpg

taking a mismatched bunch of oddly shaped pieces and turning them into something that looks like this:

 photo b8c7fddc-82c8-4f27-bd4a-5d72352e7b25_zps1fb3cc56.jpg

I haven't posted many quilt progress photos because the units I've been working on don't look like anything, but THIS is the center of the quilt, the Compass Rose part of the Mariner's Compass quilt. The units aren't sewn to each other yet. They actually get sewn to other units towards the outside of the quilt before they get joined to each other.

Jan. 22nd, 2014


Lovely ladies

 photo ccdcf081-4d69-47f1-9984-1d2920f478de_zps6d27f485.jpg

 photo 5a816c09-3bf4-407a-8d32-2dd3c2b69cf7_zps78ed55a8.jpg

Jan. 21st, 2014


The musician

 photo 2d9dac00-769a-4902-97d4-faa2c91617ee_zpsbff6e5c0.jpg

 photo 3caaa0fc-4028-41a9-b7db-a05f7c9e1fd1_zps7ed5ee0b.jpg

Jan. 19th, 2014


Grandson - 2 months old


 photo 0c48706a-e3b3-474c-bd97-1378a5f8956f_zps99c82fa7.jpg


 photo b1b8d089-bc77-4251-9b5f-971239ccae48_zpscfa81789.jpg


 photo 1a601acd-e3db-4f12-a769-0cc4e0fa0dce_zpsa9c32683.jpg

Nov. 17th, 2013



 photo d93b6274-9dd0-4949-b1f3-ab0cf8b9f7bd_zps758b3a71.jpg

Sawyer - totally amused by the fish

 photo a8ed4c1e-e6ee-4dab-a10e-48c6311d7851_zps4c992137.jpg

The piano got a lot of attention, too. Please note the eyelashes.

 photo dcd7da80-dde6-474a-b88c-bd45bcd9a025_zpsfca5dae8.jpg

Hudson, sound asleep, once his tummy got full.

Nov. 11th, 2013


Just before sunset

 photo 7e4976f1-916a-45ce-a8e8-119427d4954e_zps8b6797d7.jpg

Black and white......

 photo e7d321e4-2abf-448a-a335-d8c28a64aa5c_zps0d2c2154.jpg

...or color?

Nov. 7th, 2013



 photo 52cec673-027d-441d-91ca-128320755acc_zpsa493b19f.jpg

Hudson Eli born yesterday.

 photo 173165d9-1a6a-4787-a42d-dff29434e7a0_zps3efa5b63.jpg

His older brother, Sawyer, playing on the bear that was a gift to Hudson.

 photo ca19f622-77d0-4b09-9e7b-cf0bdfaee3d8_zpsd60ebf44.jpg

Sawyer, totally absorbed in a Disney Silly Symphony - Water Babies.

Nov. 5th, 2013


Who? Us?

 photo 2195d502-c8e7-4d42-9ea5-0c20b3bfefb9_zpsd0d086f6.jpg

We don't know what you're talking about.

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