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Quilt progress

All of the pieces are made and the units are being constructed! This is the first one, and there are 8 of them, forming a complete circle. It will be awhile before I'm done with this. It took me all day to put these 19 pieces together into one unit.

 photo 534a87ae-9f2a-450e-9d37-ca19747dd730_zps8579eab3.jpg

I also made a couple placemats:

 photo dd660406-69e2-4994-863f-af11376db1c4_zps1d0806f8.jpg

Saw this pattern in a catalogue, but thought $10.00 was way too much to pay for it. So I used templates I already had, scraps of fabric from a couple other projects, and made them just fine! I'm going to make some in blues and greens for my table (eventually) but I'm going to make them slightly larger. These are based on a 4 inch square, but I'm going to use a 5 inch square.